The Coffee of Tea

Royalty Assam Blend
by Darvilles of Windsor
(Learn more about them here; order there.)

I like to call this blend “the coffee of tea.” It’s very strong and rich. You sort of get that pucker feeling in your mouth like you do when you take a sip of coffee. After it has steeped and you take your first sip, you are engulfed by the thick aroma of this deep blend. Assam tea is so flavorful, it will knock your socks off. The longer you steep, the stronger it gets. Unlike most black tea, though, this one strengthens in half the time. It might be a good idea to taste after 3 or 4 minutes of steep. I like mine strong, so I let it go a little longer.

Assam tea comes, as is apparent in the name, Assam, India. It is fabled that a Scotsman, Robert Bruce, stumbled upon the plant growing in what was then a British colony. That’s the Scottish for you. I don’t think we should let them take all the credit for this wonderful flavor. In light of this, it should come as no surprise that assam is part of the blend for many breakfast teas, including Scottish breakfast tea.

However, in this case, England took control. Darvilles of Windsor is a British teamaker, and, might I add, a grocer by appointment to H. M. Queen Elizabeth II. With a title like that, who wouldn’t try them?  I actually found the Darvilles at a discount store right here in the US, much to their disgust, I’m sure.  But it worked out for them in the end, because now I know they have a Web site. And so do you.

Royalty Assam blend is available as tea bags and loose-leaf.



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2 responses to “The Coffee of Tea

  1. texanpuddleglum

    so this is the one that will convert me from coffee.

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