Take It From the Monkey

PG Tips Black Tea

(Check out their Web site here; available at your local grocery store.)

I was enchanted by PG Tips’ Black Tea, and very happy to have a reader, Mary K., recommend it. As you can see, it has a nice reddish-brown color, full-bodied (yes, you can use this word to describe tea, not just beer), and a delight from start to finish. A mix of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas, this is truly a quality, rich black tea. Take it from the monkey, as he touts in their ad campaign, “It’s the taste.”

Part of that taste comes from the excellent brewing capacity of their tea bags.  The pyramid shape gives the tea leaves room to unfurl and release their flavor. It gives you the brew of a loose-leaf with the convenience of a tea bag (if you want to call using a strainer or teapot an inconvenience).

Their box is chock-full of information about their company and product, proclaiming themselves “England’s No. 1 Tea” (sorry, Darvilles, no royal appointment required). They even give tips on teamaking (as PG Tips should), such as warming the teapot before brewing. Their founder, Arthur Brooke of Manchester, England, established the company in 1869 as Brooke, Bond & Co., “Bond” being a made-up entity to round out the name. Who’s to say there’s a right or wrong way to name a company? They started producing tea bags for the public in 1930, calling it “Pre-Gest Tee,” tea that should help the digestion (abbreviated to “PG”). “Tips” comes from their dedication to selecting only the finest quality tea, using the top leaves and buds of the plants.

If this isn’t enough enticement to try PG Tips, just visit their Web site to watch a video of Monkey and Al. The most recent video will play upon entering the site; however, I most enjoyed their morning tea together, so click here to see it. As an American, I’m convinced that all British people choreograph their tea preparation with such dramatic flair.


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