Parisian Holiday

by Harney & Sons
(Get your slice of Paris here.)

A little sidewalk café, a little breeze across your face, and a hint of vanilla. You don’t have to go to France to experience Paris. This black tea with a touch of vanilla is light and soothing. It’s black tea flavor is strong, but the vanilla brings a calming element to the concoction and warms it. I’ve never even been to Paris…

When people think of Paris, they think of sidewalk cafés, which I’m sure is a nice experience, but I also think of shops full of books and old men piling the volumes high on tables (because, of course, they’ve run out of room on the shelves—there’s a lot of history in Europe). So I chose a cozy, musty backdrop for the tea you see in the photograph. (Others might think of the French Revolution when they think of Paris, but I resisted the urge to include my copy of A Tale of Two Cities to the photo.)

The “W” on the mug probably shatters the illusion. I can’t think of a French surname that would start with W. Perhaps a visiting German professor has brought his own mug to the library, where he’s pouring over musty tomes of Parisian history. (Yes, those are all British editions in the photo—I have a shocking lack of French influence in my life).

No matter your level of French exposure, Paris tea will work its magic on you. After all, we’ll always have Paris…


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