Baltic Tea

Sea Buckthorn Green Tea
by The Republic of Tea
(Ships quickly from here.)

I’m always amazed by the speed of shipping The Republic of Tea provides for all its orders. It’s a good thing for people like me who get excited about a new tea flavor and can’t wait to taste it. The Republic does not make its citizens wait long. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than two days for one of their packages. So I guess you’re tired of this shipping introduction and want to know more about this new tea. Alright, read on.

Sea buckthorn is a shrub that produces small, round, orangish yellow berries. The tea canister shows a picture of bright yellow berries, but in all the photos I found of the whole shrub, they appear rather orange. To be fair, we’ll call them orangish yellow here. Regardless of color, this seems to be a remarkable little fruit.

Commonly found along the Northern Atlantic coastline, and apparently in similar climates in Northwestern China, the sea buckthorn shrub thrives near saltwater. This particular tea uses berries harvested in Germany, off the coast of the Baltic Sea. Here the fruit is known for its high quantity of vitamins C and E. Couple that with antioxidant-rich green tea and you’ve got a healthy cup of fresh flavors.

Apple was added as a sweetener, and I think it adds just the right amount of flavor. (Apparently, sea buckthorn is not very tasty by itself and is often paired with apples or grapes.) The slight tartness of the sea buckthorn berries and the pleasant but understated sweetness of the apples allows you to taste the green tea as well. It really is a refreshing cup of tea. It’s not heavy, and won’t give you very much of a pick-me-up, but it’s a nice pairing of flavors for a late morning or early afternoon tea break.


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