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Turning a New Leaf

The Original Sweet Leaf Sweet Tea
by Sweet Leaf Iced Teas
(Find it at your local grocery, or visit their site for locations)

Besides the creepy granny drawing on the front, the title Sweet Leaf immediately caught my attention (not that I would ever ignore a display of new bottled tea). I love a strong sweet taste in bottled iced tea.  Sometimes the tea loses that umph when it’s been sitting in the bottle on the shelf. Not so with Sweet Leaf.  When they say sweet, they mean sweet. There’s a lot of satisfying sweet tea flavor in this bottle–and it’s the real deal.

You know the ingredients are top quality when the label says “Keep in icebox after opening.” It’s truly organic, made with real cane sugar, filtered water (so says the ingredients section), and black tea. They added citric acid as a preservative, but not having to ship this in refrigerated trucks and only having 4 ingredients, I’m not going to hold it against them. Don’t worry, it’s relatively harmless.

You can’t order from their Web site, but they do have a location finder on their site called “Find a Bottle” that will help you out.  They gave me more locations than I can count. However, if you still can’t find it locally, they provide a link to their Amazon page with a variety of 12 packs to choose from. Fill your cart to your heart’s content.

Clayton and David’s business started in 1997 with primitive brewing and bottling processes. They soon won the public’s taste buds and were able to expand. Clayton was inspired by his grandmother, Mimi, and wanted to make great tasting tea on-the-go.

Other tidbits that make Sweet Leaf fun to drink:

Their label contains a snapshot of their history (more of a mission statement, really) and a “grannyism” under the cap. My grannyism: “Honesty is the best policy.” A little generic, but I’m sure there’s quite a variety of caps out there to read. Clayton’s granny told him “never to use ingredients we can’t pronounce.” That doesn’t bother me.

There are lots of flavors to choose from, I just chose Original to get a good idea of what their tea tastes like. Others include Peach Iced Tea, Mint & Honey Green Tea, Lemon & Lime Unsweet Tea, Half & Half Lemonade Tea, and more. Enough to keep you busy. They’ve also got a recipe list for mixed drinks.

Pick up a bottle and be satisfied.



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