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Harry Says “Merry Christmas”

Harry’s Christmas Tea
by The Republic of Tea, for Harry & David
(Pick it up at a Harry & David store.)

It’s funny to me that some Christmases are so different from others (and for some reason, the word Christmases reminds me of Hippopotamuses—probably too much holiday radio station). What I think of as quintessentially Christmas is different from what Martha Stewart or President Obama or Madonna may consider Christmasy. I know it’s Christmas when I can taste my mom’s cinnamon pull-aparts melt in my mouth, and when my husband brings me hot chocolate while I’m breathing in the aroma of fresh evergreen tree and scotch tape. But for Harry (of Harry & David), it’s butterscotch carmel.

I made my annual pilgrimage to Harry & David while shopping for my grandmother. I like to buy her Harry & David soup mixes for Christmas. They are the perfect gift for my 90-year-old grandmom who will also love the family photos that accompany the food gift. When I saw the familiar Republic of Tea cylindrical canister, my fingers flew to the festive label and I didn’t put it down.

With a rooibos base and carmely overtones, this tea is comforting and delightful. Perfect for curling up next to the Christmas tree. It’s sweet, and I love the idea of pairing rooibos with something creamy, like carmel. Apparently this is the “butterscotch carmel” variety. Vanilla is also at work here, bringing all the flavors together in sweet harmony. With all the hectic aspects of the season, it’s nice to take some time out to enjoy a cup of tea, some red tea with carmel, because it makes you feel…what do you feel? The one thing I don’t understand is why butterscotch carmel? My husband had the same reaction. My conclusion is that Christmases are different. It didn’t occur to me that rooibos and carmel were what expressed Christmas because I express the holiday with cinnamon and chocolate (but not chocolate tea—it’s just a disaster).

Regardless of which flavors help you to celebrate Christmas, Harry’s Christmas Tea will give you a reason to relax and enjoy the holiday.

If you’re interested, read a quick history of Harry & David on their corporate site, and browse their tea collection available for order online, most of them made by Republic of Tea exclusively for Harry & David. They’ve gone way beyond Royal Riviera pears! I think Farmhouse Breakfast Tea will be a future conquest.

Merry Christmas from Tea Notes!


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