Pre-Spring Peach

Midsummer’s Peach
by Harney & Sons
(Find it on their Web site.)

I was saving this post for Valentine’s Day, but, alas, the romance of February has come and gone. But with Spring around the corner, maybe March isn’t such a bad time for some peach flavored black tea. Actually, drink it any time and you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps midsummer, if you can wait that long to try this amazing blend.

It’s definitely a romantic tea. The tin is a pretty pink, with colorful floralish design and copper trim. The entire inside of the tin is lined with copper color, giving it a unique flair.  The silk sachets feel elegant and allow the tea leaves to open and give you a full flavor. I’ve tasted a lot of great tea that comes in plain, old cardboard boxes, but it’s the extra touches in this packaging that sends you over the moon. It’s the little things in life…or I’m terribly easy to please.

But enough about the packaging (I could go on all day). The classic peach flavored black tea is accented by that Harney & Sons punch; that bite from the fine black tea that leaves you satisfied with a full-bodied warmth after every sip. The peach is not subtle, but not overpowering. It’s not like drinking peach juice, a la Celestial Seasonings’ Country Peach Passion (a good herbal, if you haven’t tried it). You can taste the tea.

I don’t usually run across Harney & Sons in the grocery store (but maybe I shop in the wrong part of town). Their prices online are very reasonable, and the quality for the price is worth the short wait for shipping. It’s fancier than the price lets on. You might find it at a restaurant or hotel breakfast (thank you, Marriott, for introducing me a few years back). They are a well-known company, and, even better, they are 1% for the Planet. I may have a partial bias, because they support Ocean Conservancy, Nature Conservancy, and other organizations, but you’ll know when you taste it that it doesn’t matter who they support. Their fine tea is a delightful experience.


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