Life of a Tea Drinker, Chapter I

Chapter, the First
In which the author introduces herself to her readership, after much time since the dawning of her Web log…

I’ve added a new category: Life of a Tea Drinker. Sometimes a girl just needs to write, regardless of her influx (or no flux) of new tea. (FYI, I did get an exciting shipment of Harney & Sons on Saturday, so look for more tea blogs soon!) I’ll designate occasional blogs to this Life category that are “optional,” as if you need permission to read or not read any of this nonsense. Feel free to peruse at your own risk—it may get personal. Fair warning.

To start off, I’d like to make friends by showing you my cat, Wordsworth.

Isn’t he adorable? If you don’t think so, please refrain from commenting. He’s the closest thing we have to a child, and only-child syndrome set in long ago. This furball likes to coat the furniture in a thin layer of white fluff as he travels to his favorite spots around the house. He also likes to shout (or the equivalent of shouting in cat meows).

Why the funny name? I’ve always wanted to name someone Wordsworth. It’s so distinguished and uncommon. I didn’t care too much for the poet, but didn’t hate him. I couldn’t, in good conscience, name a child after him. So the cat name was born. He enjoys everything I do: movies, TV shows, books, tea (especially if milk is added). I consider myself lucky to have a cat who shares so many interests with me. I know he’s interested because he’s always right next to me when I do these various activities, so it has to mean he likes them too, right?

Oddly enough, the second person I’d like to introduce is the more important man in my life (shh! Don’t tell the cat!), my husband, Mike.

Also adorable, no? He’s my best friend and possesses an infinite understanding of all my quirks. Apart from similar tastes in movies, food, or other activities, Mike and I are very different. I was an English major; Mike is an electrical engineer. I was kicked out of violin lessons when I was younger because of a short attention span; Mike plays more instruments than you can count on one hand, but prefers piano and guitar. He’s working on his Master’s thesis for another electrical engineering degree, so that occupies most of his time at the present.

I’m an editor by trade, but I’m not terribly fond of medical editing, which seems to be my lot in life, at least for now. I’m working on a novel on the side, but I use the word working very loosely. I think the last time I touched it was several months ago. It goes in and out of favor with me, but I may find time to work on it again very soon. It’s all about motivation.

Aside from all things related to the written word, I consider myself an activist for the environment. My particular interest is ocean conservation (Sylvia Earle is my hero), for which I spend a lot of my time reading blogs and news about marine biology, marine ecosystems, and conservation. I’m also interested in saving endangered species (ocean dwelling or not) and trees (which help us to breathe; although, so does the ocean). Mike and I constantly fight over toilet paper: I like to buy recycled toilet tissue and his preferences lie with the plusher variety. I can understand this (I enjoy a good Charmin commercial), but using fewer trees should be more of priority in the world today. I send Congress(wo)men e-mails lobbying various environmental bills, for which the replies are usually very frustrating. I’m a fervent promoter of reusable items like grocery bags and lunch pouches. I’ve been saving glass bottles for the past year to paint and re-purpose as flower vases, but haven’t started painting yet. (Words likes to consume plants, so fresh-cut flowers are a rare sight inside the house.) For all my environmental awareness, I hate gardening. I keep a small flowerbed of hard-to-kill species that are pretty to look at in spring and summer. However, I am interested in finally taking the plunge and planting herbs and potatoes. Stay tuned.

I also like to cook. It’s not that cooking relaxes me or that I cook every free second of my day, but I enjoy creating something that my husband likes to eat and I can be proud of. My nephew’s 1st birthday party is coming up and I’m planning on bringing Baby Strawberry and Honey Pies as a treat (a Giada De Laurentiis recipeGiada is also my hero).

That about catches the reader up to speed with my little corner of the world. Check this category again if this post didn’t bore you to tears.


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