Life of a Tea Drinker, Chapter II

Chapter, the Second
In which the author complains about a holiday she secretly benefits from, while taking a tea break…

Welcome to another edition of Erin’s Life. I decided to break up the afternoon with a nice cup of Twinings’ Irish Breakfast, in honor of tomorrow’s very green holiday, and was inspired to tell you about it.

Twinings' Irish Breakfast Tea. Courtesy

I always keep Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast and a variety of herbals (new with my less-caffeine lifestyle) in my desk drawer at work to avoid the mundane Lipton choices in the break room (but Lipton is, of course, a great choice for a big batch of iced tea). It’s also because I’m a tea snob and think I can do better than Lipton for my afternoon cuppa.

Irish Breakfast tea is nice because you get a strong black taste to wake up your senses (even decaf). Twinings’ brand is very nice, but if you really want a shock of Irish Breakfast, try Stash’s Super Irish Breakfast. I tried this at a bed and breakfast (I miss you, Jabberwock Inn!) in California last July. If you’re staying in Monterey, check out my Trip Advisor review of this gem of an inn (“A dream B&B!”). You won’t be disappointed.

I digress…

I like wearing green and I like that there are fun parades, etc., but the fact that it’s another one of those attention-getting holidays makes me nervous. You know, like Halloween, when everyone in the office is competing for best costume or there’s gold glitter sprinkled on the floor (a nightmare for janitors everywhere. My husband calls glitter “herpes of the craft world.”) I have a bit of Irish in me (the Potters on my mom’s side, a few generations back) and I enjoy the holiday in general, but the extent to which some people celebrate fascinates me.

I was driving home from work yesterday and found a matching green, be-shamrocked family walking up the steps of a house for sale down the street with their realtor. On Tuesday? A few days early for family fanatics, don’t you think? There’s another house on a side street that always strings holiday-appropriate lights (Halloween, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day), and, yes, there were green shamrock lights up on the first of March. That was expected. It was the oversized blowup leprechaun that frightened me. They make blowup decorations for everything!

Even if a coworker shoves their shamrock face painting in my face to see what my reaction will be (are we 5 years old again?). Even if there are freaks in green hair color running down the streets. There are some comforts related to St. Patrick’s Day (here are my top 5):

5. It’s one day of many that you can tell the crazies from the non-crazies. (Don’t even think of pinching me!)
4. Corned beef happens to be one of my passions.
3. Stores feel obligated to stock green colored food items, which I feel obligated to buy.
2. Green clothing makes my green eyes pop!
1. Darby O’Gill and the Little People is always on TV.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway!

Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Courtesy


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