Another Honest Winner

Lori’s Lemon Tea
by Honest Tea
(Pick up a bottle at your local store, or order a case here.)

What goes better with an early Spring warm-up than a refreshing splash of iced tea? St. Louis enjoyed a sunny 70 degrees this afternoon, and my taste buds shouted for iced tea. A little lemon and a smooth finish, this bottled beverage hit the spot.

This is my second experience with Honest Tea. If you’re interested, check out my review of their Peach Oo-la-long. Tasty. In keeping with my apparent fruity tea attraction, I chose Lori’s Lemon Tea on my way out of the grocery store. This tea is “Just a Tad Sweet,” and it’s just enough for the flavor combo. It’s a nice balance of black tea and lemon flavor, giving it a soft taste that perfect by itself or with a meal.

OK. This may be getting a little too personal for a tea review. Now you know that I like Ranch dressing and croutons on my salad!

The quality that delighted me first was the amazing lemon scent wafting up from the freshly open bottle cap. If that’s not inviting, you must hate citrus.  It’s just a sniff of what’s waiting for you under the cap. USDA Organic, like all their teas, there are only 5 ingredients. Five! And 3 of them are tea and lemon. Nothing unpronounceable or ending in the word acid appears in the list. You know what that means? No aftertaste! And, oh yeah, cane sugar. That’s always a good sign, especially for those of us who are easily irritated by the pro–high fructose corn syrup commercials. They live up to their slogan: “Nature got it right. We put it in a bottle.”

The label features artwork from “Fill-the-T” contest-winner Lori Andrews from Ohio; hence, “Lori’s Lemon Tea.”

Check out the lemon artwork on the label by contest-winner Lori Andrews.

We’re also reminded in the back panel blurb that iced tea originated at the 1904 World’s Fair in—that’s right!—St. Louis. I knew God sent me here for a reason, and it wasn’t the humidity. Great heritage. If you’re ever in St. Louis, check out Forest Park, site of the 1904 Fair with many still existing structures and buildings. Also in the park, the Missouri History Museum offers a free exhibit on the Fair, along with a myriad of interesting artifacts.

Honest Tea is full of great ideas and flavors. Check out their mission statement and sustainability policy here. Not only do they love their environment, they love their customers. Don’t take my word for it that Honest Tea is honestly good. Browse their Customer of the Month archive at the Honest Desk of Fame. How many ways can you make a great tea even better?

Just something I thought I’d add: my second bottle cap had the same quote as my last bottle. Hmm… If you’re an Honest Tea fan, share your bottle cap quotes!

For more on Honest Tea and their history, see my previous review, “Honestly Good.”

Update 3/18/11: I finished 3/4 of my bottle last night and decided to take the rest to work this morning. The bottle slipped from my hands while I was fumbling for my keys and hit the pavement of the parking garage…hard. To my delight, it bounced! So, not only is it a tasty beverage, it’s made out of very hardy glass. This one is going in the collection of glass waiting to be painted as flower vases (cat proof!). Happy Friday!


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