Life of a Tea Drinker, Chapter III

Chapter, the Third

In which the author, being of sound mind, explores the monotony of waiting for eaglets to hatch, and the joy of watching a newborn eaglet stumble around its nest…

I started my morning by sleeping in, waking up to the noises of my neighbor moving everything he had in his backyard. I went downstairs in search of a glass of OJ and a little light reading.

Breakfast with Tina

Were you expecting the New York Times? Please. Who doesn’t love this photo of Tina Fey. I became a fan of InStyle in college when I needed something light and a little superficial to break up my steady influx of Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson. I hadn’t bought an issue in years, but the featured Tina Fey and Spring wardrobe tips forced me to spend the $4.99.

I also had to tune in to…the Decorah eagles!


Mama eagle

They’re all the rage on the Internet, but don’t be upset if you haven’t heard of them. The Raptor Resource Project is monitoring via live video a mother waiting for her eggs to hatch in Decorah, Iowa. The nest is 80 feet high and 5 to 6 feet across. You can get an idea of the size of the eagle and each of her eggs.

A coworker introduced me to the site on Friday and I haven’t stopped watching since 4 PM that afternoon. I’ve become obsessive about the mother and how she keeps her eggs warm, rotating them like sausages in a skillet (sorry, but that’s a pretty good analogy). It may seem monotonous to watch a mother sit on her eggs, feathers blowing in the wind, and wait for her to get up and turn them. Well, it is. At 2 AM last night, she was till sleeping (beak tucked under her wing), so I went to sleep.

How could I have slept in?! First hatch 4/2/11, the site reads. What?! Serves me right for sleeping in. The first eaglet was hatched early this morning and is truly adorable, even if you don’t generally like birds.


First eaglet

How adorable is that? He/she is so fluffy and curious about his/her new world! OK, so if that doesn’t excite you, we would never understand each other. Cute things are infinitely entertaining. My husband had to put up with my watching a Hershey’s Kiss Easter commercial at least 5 times in a row. He reminded me that the DVR was not invented so that I could watch cute commercials over and over again. Umm…then why was it invented?

It must be bizarre to be a newborn eaglet, trying to figure out how your wings and talons work, while trying to keep your balance and not trip over your unhatched brothers and sisters. I guess it must just be bizarre to be a bird of any kind.

We were babysitting my 1-year-old nephew last night, and I had the live feed on my laptop the whole time. Anytime he would point to the screen, I would say “eagle.” I’m sure I succeeded in teaching him that a computer is called an eagle.

Second hatch shouldn’t be long! Tune in and join the eaglet excitement!


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