Matcha Redux

If you look up the word redux in Merriam-Webster online, you’ll find that “aw-shucks” is a possible rhyme. Good to know.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been too busy trying to persuade my husband to neglect work on his Master’s thesis to hang out with me to notice that I hadn’t posted a tea review. Did I mention my tea whisk came in the mail more than a week ago? Yeah, I’ve been lazy.

So what did I do with my new tea whisk? Try the matcha again. The whisk is a beautiful, fragile instrument for mixing tea powder. Wash it delicately. Most are made of bamboo, so the risk of fraying the fibers can be avoided by hand washing and air drying.

Tea whisk

I heated my hot water (not boiling) and added a little matcha powder to a bowl. You need to do this in a bowl instead of the tea cup, otherwise you won’t have enough room to get the foaming action.

Whisk matcha until it gets foamy

Here’s a video illustrating how to properly whisk your matcha.

The results:

The foam is exciting while you’re whisking, but it settles quickly. Mine did fade faster than the video instructor’s. Especially after I poured it into a cup. Oh well. Perhaps if I whisked a little longer the foam might have stayed intact…

I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of the matcha flavor. A little too grassy. But it’s super healthy and an interesting experience that’s steeped in tradition (see what I did there with the pun?). I’d encourage you to try it. See my earlier post, Matcha Matcha Man, for more details about matcha.

Note how the tea whisk uncurled in the hot water. So cool!


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