Summertime Fruit Tea

Hibiscus Sangria Tea
by Republic of Tea
(Available at the Republic’s site or in stores)

Missouri’s temperatures have been holding steady at 90+. Of course, we were sweltering in May too. Nothing like starting summer in what feels like mid-August. Sometimes hot tea, no matter how tasty the flavor, is just not an option (especially the more uncomfortable I feel in the heat—see my pregnancy announcement).

When we decided to honor our fathers on Sunday with a cookout, iced tea was a must. The Republic of Tea has quenched our early summer thirst with a satisfying fruity, floral blend. Hibiscus Sangria is an iced tea inspired by the tangy flavor of hibiscus and the seasonal juicy fun of the Sangria drink. Fruit bits and petals are roughly chopped in this eco-friendly tea bag, and you get 1 quart of refreshing flavor with each.

Because I’m obsessed with getting the most flavor out of every cup, I used two tea bags for my pitcher.

For ease of brewing, I used my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. It beats having to watch the water boil and steep the bags, especially when you’re busy preparing the cookout side items.

The fabulous ruby red color makes it eye-catching and you know it’s strong enough.

Paired with a chicken burger, coleslaw, watermelon slices, and potato casserole, this fruity tea hits the spot out on the patio. It’s refreshing but not super fruity. Adding chopped berries enhances the fruit flavors and gives your glass a touch of class.

What are your favorite iced tea flavors?

Summer is here! Sip iced tea!

*Update 6/24/11* Definitely leave the chopped fruit in the pitcher for a while, so all the flavors can mingle. The fruit will enhance the fruity taste in the tea. Otherwise, it’s just tangy, not really fruity. However, once you’ve done this, you have tasty tea but lousy fruit. Don’t try to eat the leftover fruit in the empty pitcher. The taste has been sucked right out of them. All you have is mush!



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8 responses to “Summertime Fruit Tea

  1. oooh, so while we were in San Francisco, we stopped by a tea shop in Chinatown for fun. It’s called the Red Blossom Tea Co. We were just curious and one of the salesladies gave us a quick one flavor tea lesson! Very fascinating. We ended up buying rooibos and ginger lemongrass. 🙂

  2. Also, I’m def. going to try your tea recipe! My hubby and I don’t really know how to make good iced tea, and this sounds so refreshing.

  3. I love finding tea companies in other cities. So much fun! We stumbled across Bar Harbor Tea Company when we were in Maine. I would LOVE to visit Twinings in London or Harney & Sons in New England (a couple of locations). We have a local tea shop, The London Tea Room, that serves their own brews and a high tea service upon reservation. If you try this hibiscus sangria tea, definitely let the chopped fruit marinate in the tea for a while before pouring. I thought it tasted better that way. Also, Giada De Laurentiis has an Orange Iced Tea recipe that you can make with any black tea you have around the house, orange slices, sparkling water, and mint! Here’s the link:

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  5. Carole Rosenthal

    The Republic of Tea Hibiscus Sangria tea (decaf) is incredible. DH can’t get enough of it. I wish there were more teabags in the can though! I brew it in a glass mayo jar then add water. I serve it over ice w/lemon or lime and a sweet n low! Delightful. Wish the supermarkets carried this! It would be an instant hit!!!

  6. Thanks for your comment, Carole! Glad you enjoy Republic of Tea as much as I do. I have only found their products in specialty stores or tea/coffee shops. I’m not sure why they’re not stocked in major supermarkets.

  7. Amazing blog I like it !!

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