Rooibos With a Mint Twist

Desert Sage
by Republic of Tea
(Available at their site, or in stores where Republic is sold.)

It’s Friday morning and I’m at home! My company decided to give us Friday and Monday off for 4th of July this year. Of course, they’re taking away a day from the Christmas holiday, but I’ll have given birth by then (due December 13), so I won’t be in the office anyway. Free to enjoy my 4-day weekend!

So what am I doing with my free time? Drinking tea, of course!

Today’s post is truly a gem. I can’t believe I let it sit on my pantry shelf for as long as I did before having a chance to try it. Desert Sage is a combination of rooibos (African red tea) and a bountiful cornucopia of herbs that pleasantly compliment each other: orange bergamot mint (!), blackberry leaves, white sage, lemongrass, and labrador tea. I wouldn’t have thought to pair orange bergamot with rooibos, but it just shows that I don’t know anything about blending teas! And the mint variety is so refreshing. Really, for a cup of hot tea on a summer day, it’s a delight.

What’s labrador tea? This is when I’m proud of my little brain for storing bits of information from my editing job (one of the books I edit is an herbal guide). It’s an herbal tea made from a plant in the rhododendron family. It’s used medicinally by the Athabaskan and Inuit people in Alaska and Canada (and other areas). OK, I did have to look up the name of the native people. They use it for a number of common ailments like colds and stomach problems (and hangovers–every culture seems to have their own hangover remedy). If you like loose-leaf herbal, you’re most likely as thrilled as I am to consume infusions from roughage you would never eat by itself. Just look at the hodgepodge of goodness!

Rooibos, orange bergamot mint, blackberry leaves, white sage, lemongrass, and labrador tea

There are a lot of tiny pieces of leaves in this one, so you might see a few floaters that escape your infuser. That only enhances the loose-leaf experience for me. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t fully boil the water, and let it cool a little before steeping. You don’t want to cook the delicate herbs.

Enjoy an earthy cup of minty rooibos!



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2 responses to “Rooibos With a Mint Twist

  1. Thanks for the tip about not fully boiling the water!

  2. Rooibos has become one of my favorite flavors. It’s so versitle too! To me, it has it’s own distinct flavor, so I didn’t think to pair it with other flavors. Such a nice little herb!

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