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Orphan Elephants

I had to share this National Geographic photo essay about orphan elephants in a nursery in Kenya. The captions describe the good and the ugly that comes with the business of rescuing baby elephants from poachers. Most of the photos are fun. I especially like the first one of the baby elephant wearing a custom-made raincoat.

I’d love to be able to work with animals someday. When I was in college, my first major was photojournalism. My dream was to join National Geographic, travel the world, and document everything in photos. The preliminary journalism classes scared me off, but English literature was really a better fit for me. I can’t imagine being anywhere else but home right now, waiting for little Oliver to arrive.

An interesting fact from the photo essay: orphan elephants who grow up in the nursery and are later released into the wild will come back to the nursery if they are injured and need help. They form this unique bond with the caregivers there and know that they can trust them in the future. What an amazing job!


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