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Fruity Grey

Lady Grey
by Twinings of London
(Order from their site, or find it at your local grocery store.)
Fruit slices, veggie trays, chicken salad, cucumber sandwiches: chick food. This list may make a man sweat at the thought of being force-fed any of these items. However, women generally love it. Yes, I too enjoy the occasional cheeseburger, the bag of greasy chips, or a nice tender steak. But I also like chick food—probably because it’s programmed into my DNA.

If you’re planning a tea party, Lady Grey is a must. Unlike her husband, the Earl, Lady Grey prefers orange and lemon peel to bergamot. Similar undertones, but overall a lighter, fruitier taste. It’s great for an afternoon lazy sip, or a perky morning flavor. Because of the light citrus combination, along with the full-bodied black tea, Lady Grey goes well with cookies and biscotti-like foods. Shortbread is a divine pairing.

Like most tea companies from Great Britain, Twinings has also established its name “by royal appointment.” But they’ve done more to impress Her Majesty: they survived. Twinings must be one of the oldest tea merchants in England. Having established his tea company in 1706, Thomas Twining’s family took over the business and has kept it running ever since. They are still operating out of their original building on Strand Street (which was a prime piece of real estate after the Great Fire of London). Twinings was the first to introduce the Earl Grey flavor to the public.

With so much history, you can taste the richness of their flavors. So sit back and enjoy a cup of fruitful bliss. And don’t forget—pinkies up!



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